Hello, I'm Kevin, I'm a freelance web designer from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I guess this is where I'm meant to write something profound, funny & interesting about myself. Blag on about how I'm a code ninja or some kind of guru while claiming that I create hand crafted digital experiences or some other corporate jibber jabber.

Well I can assure there is none of that here so be on your merry way if that's what you're looking for.

I started learning web design in 2004 after a snowboarding injury left me riding the couch for 8 months. Armed with a copy of Dreamweaver and some basic starter notes my journey down the rabbit hole of web design had started.

After many years making eBay pages and working for agencies, in 2012 I decided I wanted more control over the projects I work on and now here we are — Eskside Design.

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    I Write Code

    I'm serious about what I do and I know the value I can bring to your business.

    I prefer to create long lasting relationships with my clients to ensure their websites stay current. Advising of any changes in this rapidly evolving industry that will have a beneficial impact on them and their clients.

  • Street Art from Canns Festival in London.

    I Take Photographs

    In the summer months if I'm not writing code I can usually be found lurking around the streets of Edinburgh with my camera.

  • Snowboarding at Nevis Range Ski Resort.

    I Snowboard

    When the winter arrives you'll have to bring something very interesting to the table to drag me off the mountains. I tend not to travel for work during the winter months unless you're close to a substantial mountain range. WARNING: Fresh Powder Snow may result in delays to your project.